An Illustrated Walk Around Old Steyning Town
A Talk by Dr Janet Pennington (video)

First produced for The Steyning Society, this video was kindly revised by Janet Pennington for Steyning Museum. Please observe her copyright.

An accomplished historian presents
her original research and insight into times past

Janet Pennington's guided history walks were a feature of local life until in 2020 the virus stopped us all in our tracks. Undeterred, Janet produced a video to guide us around Steyning from the safety of our sofas. Alternatively, with a mobile phone or a tablet, a socially distanced walk around town with Janet's video could almost be like happier times.

Title: An Illustrated Walk Around Old Steyning Town
Video: An illustrated talk by Dr Janet Pennington
Duration: 1 hour 8 minutes
Date: January 2, 2021
Best viewed: On full screen
Discover the Past with Dr Janet Pennington
The Market Houses of Steyning by Janet Pennington
The Steyning Society


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